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Provo: 801-818-2888
West Valley: 801-955-5008

About Us

L & L Hawaiian Barbecue specializes in authentic Hawaiian cuisine, traditionally served as a Hawaiian plate lunch consisting of two servings of rice, a serving of macaroni salad, and features a generous serving of a hot entrée. L & L Hawaiian Grill’s plate lunches are famous for its large portion sizes, freshness, and unique blend of tastes found in dishes like Chicken katsu (breaded chicken w/special dipping sauce), “Loco Moco” (hamburger patties, two eggs, & gravy), and mahi mahi (w/tartar sauce). L & L Hawaiian Grill’s plate lunches are also infused with an “ingredient” unique to the islands – the warm spirit of Aloha. If you’re ready to make your taste buds dance the hula, we welcome you to try our delicious selections at an L&L Hawaiian Barbecue near you.